Buy, Sell, Trade.

Is This Your First Time?

ClemsonBuzzz Trader is the best college classifieds platform for students to easily buy, sell, rent or trade items on their college campus (for free of course!).

Getting Started is Easy!!!

1.Listing an item is simple.

College textbooks, electronics, furniture, bikes, roomates, rides housing.. . you can easily find and post everything you need for college life. Browse or post by category.

2. Contact Seller.

Safely contact Sellers without giving away any personal information. Trust, transparency & community are top priorities for us! Never give out personal information or meet anyone in an isolated area. Read our Safety Tips

3. Buy, sell, rent, & trade

BuzzzTrader brings students who are looking to buy and sell items together in one place. Our college classifieds website gives you all the features you need to make and save money.

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